How do I count number of nodes?

Subject: How do I count number of nodes?
From: "alex chang" <shortestpath@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 08:51:15 EDT
This is my xml:
<upper-left rows="1">Business Date</upper-left>
<upper-left rows="1">Entity</upper-left>
<upper-left rows="1">Account Number</upper-left>
<upper-left rows="1">Account Name</upper-left>
<upper-left rows="1">Currency</upper-left>

<mh n="1" cols="1">Total Account Value</mh>
<mh n="2" cols="1">Initial Margin Requirement</mh>
<mh n="3" cols="1">Maintenance Margin Requirement</mh>
<mh n="4" cols="1">Excess</mh>
<mh n="5" cols="1">Excess (USD)</mh>
<mh n="6" cols="1">Excess (GBP)</mh>

I want my xsl to look like: --------------------------- <TD valign="center" COLSPAN="x"> where x is the number I'm looking for.

How do I cound the total number of children (this will be my x) of the column-header element? Also, should I add the number of upper-left elements + the number of mh elements, or should I just take the total number of elements under column-header, regardless of who they are?

-alex :)
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