RE: XSL vs. XSLT and processors vs. parsers

Subject: RE: XSL vs. XSLT and processors vs. parsers
From: Dylan Walsh <Dylan.Walsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:48:34 +0100
XSL is an effort to develop a standard for the presentation of XML. Early on
its development, it was decided that this process involved two stages -
Transformation and then Formatting. The transformation specification was
finished first, and was found to have uses beyond its original purpose - it
could be used transform XML to generate HTML or a different form of XML, and
constitutes a good general purpose XML transformation system. This is XSLT,
which is what most people mean when they say "XSL".

The latter process, formatting, is still being developed, and is often
referred to as XSL:FO (Formatting Objects), to distinguish it from XSLT.

A parser is a tool to help an application read an XML file. An XSLT
processor is a tool which performs XSL transformations. As it happens, this
processor is likely to use a parser, to read the source XML and the XSLT.

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> I have recently become confused between the difference of XSLT and actual 
> XSL.  I also have not been able to ratianalize the difference between a 
> parser and a processor... does anyone know of a page or source of 
> information to shed light on this?  I realize that it is rather elementary
> but I have been unable to identify any sources of information that are 
> understandable.
> Ben
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