Re: testing for several different conditions

Subject: Re: testing for several different conditions
From: AndrewWatt2000@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 11:11:37 EDT
In a message dated 28/09/00 15:51:47 GMT Daylight Time, 
Eric.Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Mike, you're absolutely right that I'm stuck using IE5 on this project, but
>  I don't have a choice.  


Are you stuck with using IE5 with the old MSXML? Or could you use IE5 with, 
for example, the much more XSLT compliant MSXML3 July 2000 Preview Release?

If you are stuck using the former then perhaps ask your question again on the 
vbxml list on There are a lot of people there with experience 
with the now obsolete Microsoft technology. Someone there may be able to help 

If you may be able to use the newer Preview Release of MSXML3 then I suggest 
you take a look at the site for information about how to 
install it etc.

Andrew Watt

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