[xsl] One or more documents and reference

Subject: [xsl] One or more documents and reference
From: "Handren Mokri" <handren@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 12:38:32 +0100

1- In several articles about XSL, writs that XSL is designed to query one
document at time. What about the following function:
doc(String URI)?.

2- The ability to find all node in some document that have a certain ID or
IDREF value seams to be supported by XSL, but if I want to refer to an
element from another element in same document by using "the referred to"
elements attribute value, how would that works?. For example using the
following XML document:
<lab ID="baselab" manager="Smith1">
<biologist ID="Smith1">
Is it possible to refer to manager Smith1 from biologist element?

3- Dose every node in XSL data model has a unique identifier?. Are they
generated by XSL processor for each node in case the nodes from the source
document don't have the ID attribute vale?

Thank you
Handren Mokri

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