[xsl] date format to dd-mm-yy from ccyymmdd

Subject: [xsl] date format to dd-mm-yy from ccyymmdd
From: Tariq James Fayaz <tariq.fayaz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 07:48:23 -0000
help i urgently need to convert iso-8601 ccyymmdd into dd-mm-yy output with
my xsl stylesheet.

in my xml i have 

<Stage number="1" name="First" startDate="20000502" endDate=""
type="Knockout" days="1" limitedOvers="Yes"/>

i am a total xml beginner and would be very greatful for any help!

Tariq Fayaz
"PA" CopyDirect 
IT Specialist
* -
* <tariq.fayaz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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