Re: [xsl] My first try at XSL..can someone give me a few pointers?

Subject: Re: [xsl] My first try at XSL..can someone give me a few pointers?
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 19:09:21 -0500
At 01/01/07 15:17 -0800, Kevin Duffey wrote:
Just joined this list in hopes to figure out a few things. First..what is a
recommended XSL book?

We have a 120-page free download preview on our web site of our XSLT/XPath book:

  Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath
  (XSL Transformations and the XML Path Language)
  Eighth Edition - 2000-07-07 - ISBN 1-894049-05-5
  Copyright (c) 2000 Crane Softwrights Ltd.
  / 341 Pages / Subscription price includes free updates
  /           / and separate copy of all example files.
  /           / Free 120-page download preview excerpt.

I am currently editing the Ninth Edition with a new module describing the proposed 1.1 features. I'm hoping it will be ready in the next two weeks and I will make the announcement here.

A single copy can be purchased or a company can buy a site-wide staff copy or a world-wide staff copy. For the site- and world-wide licenses, a copy is placed on the company's intranet for access by any and all staff (but not their customers) without a quantity limit.

Customers of any edition get free access to *all* future editions of the same title, including those with site- and world-wide licenses. As 1.1 is finalized and, eventually, 2.0 is out, we plan to continue releasing new editions of the book to support our instructor-led training offerings, thus all customers will continue to get free books with the latest and greatest (at least as long as we deliver it ourselves or have licensees who want to deliver it). For all customers, especially those with company-wide licenses, these free updates have been very attractive.

As for licensing the instructor-led derivation of the material, companies can deliver their own XSLT/XPath training to staff in-house or to their customers using our material, customized with the company logo for each delivery. We have our own deliveries scheduled in Ottawa where licensees can send people for "train the trainer" during one of our own public sessions (we have one at the end of February - the early-bird registration date is January 22).

Since the download is free, you can use that to determine if you or your company wishes to purchase the book itself. Our customers tell us they've been pleased, especially when they get their free updates.

We've also started "Practical Formatting Using XSLFO" which will be published the same way as we did for "Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath": we will first develop instructor-led material, then deliver the material to ensure the content is useful, then produce the material as a book that can be purchased from our web site, then expand the book beyond the instructor-led material, and then offer continual free updates. We have posted our preliminary syllabus at and anticipate our first deliveries as early as April (nothing to announce just yet, though).

BTW, anyone wishing to share their ideas about "expected student outcomes" for the XSLFO course can send them to mailto:training@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as soon as possible so we can consider their inclusion. This will hopefully help the materials better meet the need.

I hope this helps!

....................... Ken

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