Re: [xsl] XML to RTF with XSL?

Subject: Re: [xsl] XML to RTF with XSL?
From: Dan Vint <dvint@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 08:27:29 -0800 (PST)
> > My guess is this is more stright forward in OmniMark/Perl 
> > than it will be in 
> > DSSSL and XSLT, but it should be doable with any of these tools.
> Thanks for your description of your process to create a conversion program,
> that's very useful! I'm going to be dealing with up- and down-conversions
> and transformations a lot in the near future. 
> But I suspect that right now it's most straightforward to create an
> XML-to-RTF stylesheet in DSSSL, since I can use the OpenJade processor to
> process DSSSL and it has an RTF backend. I played around with this a bit in
> the past and all I had to do was create element rules along the line of: 
> for elements named ... make a paragraph, set the font size to ... points,
> and the font family to ... 
> Then OpenJade knows how to make RTF from those rules. I don't know RTF code
> and don't really want to learn it... That's why I was hoping there was an
> XML+XSL processor that could do the same thing as OpenJade with SGML/XML and

I forgot that that option existed in Jade. XML hit right about the time I was 
just starting to use Jade/DSSSL for some work and I havn't gone back since.

One difference about the two approaches though. My recommended process (forgot
to say it) would have been to create styles whereever possible in the sample
so that you could then use those styles in the output. Depending upon the 
recipient of your output (they may or may not use styles in their work) this
approach might be acceptable - also depends upon the final use of the document.

I as someone who uses style for formatting all but the simpilist of documents
would cringe and giveup if I had to deal with a large document that only had
local character and paragraph styling applied - this is my assumption on what
the output would be from DSSSL based upon what you described.

To use Jade you will have to use a modified SGML declaration file and I 
beleive make some minor changes to your DTD to allow the XML to be processed
unless they have added some new features to Jade to work directly with XML.


> Linda
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