[xsl] SAXON systemid() usage. PLEASE HELP - my web app is broken!

Subject: [xsl] SAXON systemid() usage. PLEASE HELP - my web app is broken!
From: "Peter McEvoy" <peter.mcevoy@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 17:39:55 -0000
Hi there,
	I've been using SAXON as my XSL processor and have been using just one of
it's extension functions - namely: saxon:systemid() which returns the URI of
the document that contains the context node.

I need to use this because in my application, in order to keep HTML page
sizes to a minimum, I "chunk" results of a search so that (say) 30 results
appear per page.  I then generate a "Prev 30 | Next 30" link in the header
of the table which is supposed to allow users to scroll back and forward
through the results.

Now, for the difficult part:
1) all xsl transforming is done at the server side.

2) my application is completely stateless - no session data is stored
between hits, so if I click on "Next 30", my application has to reexecute
the search and work out which "chunk" of results it should be displaying
(this isn't hard with mod arithmetic and the position() function).

3) The stylesheets process SOME parameters passed to them - but there are
alot more parameters that are passed to the XML generating JSPs - in order
to render a page, all parameters need to be present

Now, I was using saxon:systemid and the above scheme quite sucsessfully with
in my environment, but as is the way of these things, SOMETHING has broken
it (there has been an appserver upgrade and I was working on other stuff
that my have had a knock on effect) and systemid no longer returns a value.
I am however getting the following when I do this:

<xsl:value-of select="saxon:systemId()" xmlns:saxon="http://icl.com/saxon"/>
I get the string
[unidentified data stream]

Which is quite puzzling.  Other saxon extension functions still work, but
this one...

If anyone (PLEASE!!!) has any idea what this means, why I'm getting this, or
even if there is something wrong with the way I'm using it, PLEASE, PLEASE,
PLEASE let me know what's going on...

Other information available upon request...

Peter McEvoy
Senior Technical Analyst
IONA Technologies PLC

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