Re: [xsl] variables/parameters in match of xsl:key, 'ends-with'

Subject: Re: [xsl] variables/parameters in match of xsl:key, 'ends-with'
From: Jeni Tennison <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 00:58:34 +0000
Hi Daniel,

> As a side note. I sure wish there was an "ends-with" string function in
> addition to the "starts-with" function. I seem to need it much more often
> than "starts-with". I'm imitating "ends-with(source, find)" with
> find = substring(source, 1 + string-length(source) - string-length(find))
> But for input of several MB., it takes a bit of a hit that it wouldn't if
> there was an 'ends-with' function! (yes, I timed the above with a comparable
> "contains" and "starts-with" variant). Does anyone have a faster way to
> imitate "ends-with"?

Hmm... I wonder if:

  contains(source, find) and not(substring-after(source, find))

would be any faster? Which way round the two tests should go (contains
first or substring-after first) probably depends on the XML source -
you might try both.



Jeni Tennison

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