[xsl] <b>Following text<br/>

Subject: [xsl] <b>Following text<br/>
From: Edierley Messias <edierley@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 23:23:01 -0200 (EDT)
Hi people,
Thanks for you, I resolved the problem to select the text nodes before the
<br/> elements that have the string-length < 150.
Using the template:

match="br[preceding-sibling::node()[1]/self::text()[string-length(.) &lt; 150]]"/>

But now I have a problem, the text can be like this DOM tree:
  |     |    |    |
text1  <b> text3 <br/>

Now I have to sum the string-length from text1, text2, text3 and test
if the sum is less than 150.

I tried with any kind of methods, but I cannot taked the values to sum,

Does anyone have any ideas?
Some help will be apreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Edierley Messias
icq 32943484

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