[xsl] Recursive xsl parsing.

Subject: [xsl] Recursive xsl parsing.
From: "Gurvan LeClecH" <gleclech@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:42:31 -0800
We are trying to link several documents together in a recursive process but
are not getting the result we would expect. Any help or insight? Our
objective is to recursively parse all documents until there are no more
links to follow, and no more documents to parse. We'd rather not use any
external application code to control the steps order, only XSL/XML
manipulation in our recursive parsing.

Here is what we do:

The first step parses a document A through an xsl AX (using the
"xml-stylesheet" tag). The result is the valid, well formed xsl or xml
document AXA. We then parse a document B through an XSL document BX which
is calling the resulting AXA (using an include or a xmlDom.load  with a
"msxml:script" tag).

If we copy the resulting code of AXA directly in BX then, when we process B
through BX, the result BXB is a valid well formed XML/XSL document.

If we just link the document AXA in BX and we parse B then we don't get the
expected result from AXA. At this point it seems that parsing B through BX
which should be parsing A through AX misses the link. A is not parsed
through AX and we only get the A document and not the expected AXA.

Suggestions? Shouldn't this work?


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