[xsl] Presentation vs content.

Subject: [xsl] Presentation vs content.
From: "Srinivas, Santoshkumar (CORP, GEITC)" <Santoshkumar.Srinivas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 22:19:23 +0530
Please bear if you find this offline :)

Hi Guys,

Not sure if this question makes sense ... but could anyone please suggest.
I am going pretty fine with XML/XSL nowadays.

I always wonder if it makes sense to use XML in the presentation layer.
I mean .. what are the situations when this sounds plausible.

How is the XML/XSL combination trying to replace the long standing HTML.
I do understand the flexibility XML gives in defining your own tags .. but
does the necessity of doing so really arise.
I am in a dilemma wether I am stretching (using my cocoon processor in
between ) just for the sake of it.

Also, XML sounds more good (to my understanding) as a rather terrific way of
data handling and transportation with XQL,XSP and similar technologies
supporting it.
Conversion of the XML documents to various formats PDF, XSL etc etc via
stylesheets sounds sweet :)

But in the presentation layer eh !?!?

Well .. now certain of my answers for the presentation layer might be
dynamic on-the-fly XML. But this can always  be achieved thru JSP/JDBC
Is there somekind of memory usage angle here which gives the swing in favor
of XML??

Also, finishing off with a last Q ..... if I were to ask you to build a
website with a rather good UI ... which would you go in for XML/HTML.

Please do answer asap ... lest I may go back to my HTML/JSP combination for
the presentation layer.

Best Regards,

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