Re: [xsl] the nearest ancestor with the attribute

Subject: Re: [xsl] the nearest ancestor with the attribute
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:27:43 +0000
Hi Oliver:

At 09:27 AM 1/16/01 +0100, you wrote:
> ancestor::*/@attr
> gets you the attribute nodes themselves (from nearest to furthest)
> this is often good enough, because if (for example), you ask for the
> value of this node set, you'll get the value of the first one (the nearest)

I don't think so. The first in this case is the first in document order,
which isn't the nearest in the ancestor axis.

Hm. About this, see XPath 2.4. ancestor is a reverse axis. I don't see anything here that changes the order to document order.

 The value of a node-set is
*always* the value of the first node in document order.

Oops! You're right about this. XPath 4.2. Somehow I had it in my head that it was the first in the set. (Maybe an earlier version of the spec had it that way?) Thanks for helping me upgrade my brain.

Knowing the right order appears to be a little bit confusing sometimes.

That's for sure.


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