[xsl] RE: How to transform <BR> to </P><P>

Subject: [xsl] RE: How to transform <BR> to </P><P>
From: "Sun, Christine (Cahners)" <csun@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 15:06:45 -0500

The proper definition of your needed transformation is:

TEXT/text()    --->   TEXT/<P>text()</P>
<BR>           --->

That is: 

1 Any text node must be copied as a child of a new <P> element.

2. A <BR> element must be ignored.

The above two transformations are straightforward using XSLT.


Thanks Dimitre,

But that'll make the whole text node one paragraph, instead of breaking into
new paragraphs every time it meets a <BR> as wanted.

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