[xsl] Position Counting Problem

Subject: [xsl] Position Counting Problem
From: "Albert Tsun" <albert.tsun@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 17:47:15 +0800

Dear Jeni,

     I have a "position counting problem", now this is the situation I

There are 3 different groups of items which are grouped by 3 different
groups in an XML, like this:

What I need to do now is to
(1) find the largest group
(2) get the largest item_count from (1), then use  to print each Group in
orders in horizontal row. , that is

Group A- postion()=1  item  , Group B- postion()=1  item, Group
C-postion()=1 item
Group A- postion()=2  item  , Group B- postion()=2  item, Group
C-postion()=2 item
Group A- postion()=3  item  , Group B- postion()=3  item, Group
C-postion()=3 item
Group A- postion()=4  item  ,  <<this may be blank>>    , Group
C-postion()=4 item
<<this may be blank>>       ,  <<this may be blank>>    , Group
C-postion()=5 item

The difficult part is the item no in different group may not be the same
and blank spaces
may occurs in each row.

Is there anyway in XSL I can do this?


Albert Tsun

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