[xsl] Images and XSL FO

Subject: [xsl] Images and XSL FO
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Subject: Images and XSL FO
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I have a problem with images in xml-files. I am using FOP-0.16.0 for
converting xml-files to pdf-files. My problem is that in the pdf-file on the
left side there is text and on the right side there has to be an image. The
text shall "flow" around the images.

In the XSL-stylesheet I use <fo:external-graphic></fo:external-graphic> for
the image.

This is the xml-file:

<image><p height="..." width="..." name="..."></p></image>
	<p>text 1</p>
	<p>text 2 text 2 text 2 text 2 text 2 text 2 text 2 text 2</p>

The pdf-file has to look as followed:
	text 1	|	image	     |
	text 2	|		     |
	text 2	|		     |
	text 2	|________________|
	text 2 text2 text 2

Who can help me?
I hope for an early reply.


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