Re: [xsl] xsl:script

Subject: Re: [xsl] xsl:script
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:30:19 GMT
> I have to write simple functions in JavaScript like
> obtaining month name from the number of the month,
> calculating the month accoring to week number and so on.
> I do not think xsl includes each and every feature you
> might need.

True, actually you could write those particular examples in xsl, but I
take your point.

> I do use MSXML3, but it complains in xsl:script
> tag if I use current xsl namespace.

As it should. xsl:script was always a microsoft extension and shouldn't
have been in the xsl namespace (even the old namespace used by IE)
MSXML3 does it right and provides an extension namespace for extension 

By convention people often bind the extension namespace to the prefix
msxsl, that's why I said you could use msxsl:script to get the
functionality you were looking for.

there are examples in the SDK for MSXML3.


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