RE: [xsl] Reading XSLT results into a program (long)

Subject: RE: [xsl] Reading XSLT results into a program (long)
From: Don Bruey <dbruey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 12:11:17 -0500
The XSL-ness of the question is in the output of the transformation - I want
to use XSLT to filter/sort my XML data.  It's not really an XML question per
se.  I would like to have a "neat" way of always transforming into some
format of data, like SQL gives you when it produces a resultset for you.  

I think the answer is that there isn't a way - that's what I was looking
for, hoping not to have missed some obvious or clever way to handle XSLT
output.   Tools such as XSLT have to be considered when making the choice of
relational DB vs. XML storage and I am asking the question in that respect.
Thanks to all who responded.  


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Subject: Re: [xsl] Reading XSLT results into a program (long)

Don Bruey wrote:

> Does anyone have thoughts on this that would contradict what I've
> above about storage or ease of manipulation of XML data?  Do you have a
> you always read data that always brings it in the same way using XSLT?
> not saying my view on this is absolutely correct - honestly, I'd love to
> have someone tell of a solution they've had to this issue.  I know that
> XSLT/XML are good for what they're good for, and that there is no
> one-size-fits-all storage mechanism, but it would be interesting to know
> other people handle routine reading and handling of XML data via XSLT.
> Thanks.

Jim Fuller wrote:

>not necc an xslt question, but i''l add some thoughts to your questions;
>an intemediary step, inteferes with our 'cathedral' view of xml, but i 
>find that the intemediary step of seperating the requirements for long 
>term data storage from short term data is good.

>f) for me at the moment, very simply,  xsl transformation results (xml) 
>are either pipelined into other xsl transformations or stored into a 
>relational databases or file,. or further manipulated in memory.  i 
>would publish data to a csv,only if there was an external requirement, 
>or read data in csv if thats what an external program generated, but i 
>think u could just save your 'user settings' ex as xml  if u were just 
>using the parser ???? maybe i dont understand

>once again, this really isnt an xsl question, but i agree that for the 
>short term this can be a bit tricky.

>, jim fuller

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