RE: [xsl] How to populate a HTML <select> tag..??

Subject: RE: [xsl] How to populate a HTML <select> tag..??
From: Camilla Clifford <cclifford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:54:30 -0000

you can use the <xsl:attribute> tag to build the attributes of an html

	<xsl:attribute name="name"><xsl:value-of
	<xsl:attribute name="size">1</xsl:attribute>
and so on..


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Subject: [xsl] How to populate a HTML <select> tag..??

Hi all,

I am fairly new to XSL and am trying to figure this one out. I want to
transform xml into html, which I am able to do for the basic stuff. But,
when I want to do something like a select tag in html, how do I fill in such
tag attributes as value="", and so on using xsl? For example:

<select name="<xsl:value-of select='.'/>" size="1"><option
value="<xsl:value-of select='.'/>"></select>

My dilema do I put xsl things inside the name=" " quotes, and so on
so that I can insert dynamic data from the xml input source?


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