RE: [xsl] the problem of duplicating

Subject: RE: [xsl] the problem of duplicating
From: Shimon Pozin <spozin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:51:37 -0500
Sounds like grouping problem to me. Check Jeni's site for
ideas how to solve the problem:
By the way, after fights with database structure, I came
to conclusion that it is much simpler to use double
transforms rather than single one, i.e. to transform the
original recordset to a "normalized" xml and then use power
of xsl to transform normalized xml to whatever format you need.
Is this a common practice when you need to display data from
database? Is there a better solution?


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> Subject: [xsl] the problem of duplicating
> in xsl i got a problem.
> the problem is that in database if there are more records for 
> ths same field in
> different tables.then in report i want name of field only once.
> and under that heading field i want all the records.but in 
> reports i am getting 
> field name again and again
> thanks in advance
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