RE: [xsl] Serious problems finding syntax

Subject: RE: [xsl] Serious problems finding syntax
From: "Gavin Landon" <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 17:47:41 -0600
Got it working...

<xsl:if test="@PREVIOUS_PAGE[.!='']">

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>>Subject: RE: [xsl] Serious problems finding syntax
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>>Thanks and Sorry, the XML was just a piece since it was too long.  I 
>>just deleted the wrong Attribute for the demo.  <g>..   
>>When I put in both ways I get no data.   I remove the IF and I get all data.
>>I want it to say something like:
>>IF PREVIOUS_PAGE is empty don't display Information...
>><xsl:if test="@PREVIOUS_PAGE != ''"> I would guess, but nothing, not 
>>even an error occurs
>>I found a website:
>>But all examples are simple with no attributes.  Doesn't anyone have 
>>a site showing XML and it's entirety?
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>>On 1/23/01 at 12:47 PM Edmund Mitchell wrote:
>>>I don't see any PREVIOUS_QUERY attributes in your XML, so it's unlikely
>>>they'll get selected. :>)
>>>Try if test='string(@PREVIOUS_PAGE)' or stay with your @PREVIOUS_PAGE != ''
>>>The data appears as it should when the test is removed because the default
>>>templates are invoked.
>>>I hope this helps
>>>In my XSL I have :
>>><xsl:for-each select="CONTENT">
>>>	<xsl:if test="@PREVIOUS_QUERY!=''">
>>>		<a><xsl:attribute name="href">default.asp<xsl:value-of
>>>select="@PREVIOUS_QUERY" /></xsl:attribute>Previous Page</a><br/>
>>>	</xsl:if>
>>>This IF Statement causes NO DATA to appear.   Take out the If statement and
>>>all data appears as it should.
>>>Gavin Landon
>>>Karland International
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