[xsl] ANN: Interactive XSLT Debugger and Profiler

Subject: [xsl] ANN: Interactive XSLT Debugger and Profiler
From: Uche Ogbuji <uche.ogbuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:42:41 -0700
Mike Olson <mike.olson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> just announced an interactive XSLT 
debugger and an XSLT profiler.

The interactive debugger has all the typical debugger features: stepping 
through XSLT instructions, setting breakpoints, displaying arbitrary 
expressions against the current context, etc.

>From Mike's announcement

4XDebug is a debugger for use with 4XSLT that has an interface similar
to gdb.  It allows user to step through styleheet renderings and view
various states along the way.  It also allows setting break points.  For
a complete listing of what you can do see the documentation at:


You can download 4XDebug at


The profiler breaks down performance by patterns, templates, paths, portions 
of path (etc.  How long are my descendant-or-self axis specifiers taking?)

A sample of the output is at


>From Mike's announcement

4XProf is an application to profile stylesheets when using 4XSLT.  It
has a similar command line to 4xslt, but generates an output XML file
with profiling information called profile.xml.  There is a styleheet
that ships with 4XProf that will render the XML into a set of HTML

4XProf is available for download from


and online documentation is here:


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