RE: [xsl] XML 2 XML

Subject: RE: [xsl] XML 2 XML
From: Adam Van Den Hoven <Adam.Hoven@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:15:45 -0800
You want to use a <xsl:output method='xml' /> tag and you should get what
you are looking for. Otherwise, if you are generating this output from asp,
you may have to set the content type to "text/xml"

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> Subject: [xsl] XML 2 XML
> Well at the moment I've written an XSL for my XML for it to 
> transform into
> another XML. I do know how to see the result HTML for 
> transformations that
> goes from XML to HTML: just double click on the icon in the explorer.
> However, when I double click for a transformation that goes 
> XML to XML, all
> i see are the texts that comes between tags.  How can I see 
> the tranformed
> new XML in a format such as
> <tag1>
>    <tag2/>
>    <tag3/>
> </tag1>
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