[xsl] 2 immediate FT XSL openings

Subject: [xsl] 2 immediate FT XSL openings
From: "Karr, Iva" <iva.karr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 13:41:09 -0800
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The following Job Description is a general overview of an Interface Engineer
position at Learning Network, the 2 open positions are specifically for
XSL/JS developers, other client side coding experience a plus. For more info
about the company, please visit http://learningnetwork.com.

interested candidates, please contact:
Thank you.

Interface Engineer*

Director, Interface Engineering, Studio

The interface engineer develops web-based applications for Learning Network,
putting all of the design elements together to create a cohesive final
product that meets client needs. The interface engineer works closely with
back-end developers and designers in implementing sound, engaging and easy
to use interfaces utilizing a variety of cutting edge front-end and
multimedia technologies. He or she is particularly responsible for
client-side code, including HTML, CSS, JS, XSL, Director, Flash.  

*	Develop, test, and deliver functionality for Internet applications,
with a specific focus on HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DHTML/XSL/Director/Flash.
*	Collaborate with Designers and Usability Engineers to implement and
enhance the user interface of web products. 
*	Collaborate with the Development Department to ensure the
integration of the front-end with back-end technologies.
*	Collaborate with various cross-functional staff and teams in
developing common application functionality. 

*	Two or more years of Internet application development experience. 
*	Strong experience in markup (HTML, XML) and scripting (JavaScript,
Perl, etc.).
*	Sound styling experience (CSS, XSL)
*	Preferably experience in Flash and/or Director.
*	Experience in Windows NT, Windows 95/98/2000, and Macintosh
*	Good communication skills. 
*	High energy and self-motivation.
*	Capability to simultaneously work on multiple projects requiring
different skill sets while adhering to tight deadlines. 
*	Willingness to work with other groups and business users (team
player attitude). 
*	Experience working with a small team and having responsibility for
the code base of a project. 

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