RE: [xsl] Creating a heirarchal unordered list from flat file

Subject: RE: [xsl] Creating a heirarchal unordered list from flat file
From: "Clapham, Paul" <pclapham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 13:10:19 -0800
Let me just provide the framework, and you can implement it in XSL:

You need a recursive template called something like
"OutputNodeAndItsChildren".  Its implementation, when called with a node as
parameter, is:
  - output the node header
  - identify the node's children
  - for each of those children, call "OutputNodeAndItsChildren" with the
child as parameter.

Then your processing consists of only this:
  - identify the root node (parentID="0" perhaps?)
  - call "OutputNodeAndItsChildren" with the root node as parameter.

That's it.

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Subject: [xsl] Creating a heirarchal unordered list from flat file

I'm trying to create a heiarchal Ordered list from an XML file gererated
from SQL server.  The XML file is a flat representation of heirarchal data.
It looks like this:

  <Groups GroupID="1" Name="Group1" ParentID="0">
  <Groups GroupID="2" Name="Group2" ParentID="1">
  <Groups GroupID="3" Name="Group3" ParentID="1">
  <Groups GroupID="4" Name="Group4" ParentID="1">
  <Groups GroupID="5" Name="Group5" ParentID="2">
  <Groups GroupID="6" Name="Group6" ParentID="2">
  <Groups GroupID="7" Name="Group7" ParentID="3">
  <Groups GroupID="8" Name="Group8" ParentID="3">
  <Groups GroupID="9" Name="Group9" ParentID="4">
  <Groups GroupID="10" Name="Group10" ParentID="5">
  <Groups GroupID="11" Name="Group11" ParentID="5">
  <Groups GroupID="12" Name="Group12" ParentID="6">
  <Groups GroupID="13" Name="Group13" ParentID="8">
  <Groups GroupID="14" Name="Group14" ParentID="8">
  <Groups GroupID="15" Name="Group15" ParentID="9">
  <Groups GroupID="16" Name="Group16" ParentID="10">
  <Groups GroupID="17" Name="Group17" ParentID="10">
  <Groups GroupID="18" Name="Group18" ParentID="16">
  <Groups GroupID="19" Name="Group19" ParentID="18">
  <Groups GroupID="20" Name="Group20" ParentID="19">

The groups list will grow over time.
I want to transform it into an HTML document to an Unordered list that will
show the heirarchical structore of the file.  

* Group1
      * Group2
            * Group5
                  * Group10
                        * Group16
                              * Group18
                                    * Group19
                                          * Group20
                        * Group17
                  * Group11
            * Group6
                  * Group12
      * Group3
            * Group7
            * Group8
                  * Group13
                  * Group14         
      * Group4
            * Group9
                  * Group15

Is there an easy way to do this with XSL.  I'm new at this and I'm kind of
stumped right now.

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