[xsl] "strategy" question

Subject: [xsl] "strategy" question
From: "Nestel, Frank" <frank.nestel@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 09:06:03 +0100

we're here developing an application which uses XML as
an internal format. That is, there are Java classes which
generate XML instances on the fly and pass them to a special
servlet, which then compines the XML with an appropriate
stylesheet to render HTML. So far nothing special. It is
just that we pass some data from the servlet request through
the XML to the stylesheet. Initially we used xsl:param's for
that purpose. Now it turns out, that this is rather
inconvenient, since the XSLT designers need special documentation
when which param exists. Lately we started passing parameters
through special elements in the generated XML. Actually it
turns out that you can easily convert between params and 
special elements on the XSLT side.

So this is my question. Are there any "strategic" hints when
to use params and when to use elements in an environment where
the XMLs are essentially generated?!


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