RE: [xsl] client side style sheets?

Subject: RE: [xsl] client side style sheets?
From: Paul Bleisch <pbleisch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:27:42 -0600
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> From: Kevin Jones [mailto:kjouk@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Subject: RE: [xsl] client side style sheets?
> Some more alternatives to think about may be,
> 1. Use some JavaScript in to perform the second transform. In 
> this model I think you can make your first code generate a HTML 
> file which contains JavaScript to perform the required transform. 
> See Pg. 690 of Michael Kay's "XSLT Programmers Reference" for an 
> example similar to this.

Thanks for the reference, I will take a look into this.  I was
trying to avoid writing code to do any of the client side
stuff.  I am simply trying to allow client-side users to define
how they want to view stuff. 

> 2. Use <xsl:import href="..."> to create a master stylesheet 
> as below. This will quickly become unmanageable for large sites 
> and will reduce the transformation speed.

Hmm, this seems clunky.

> 3. Use a server side transform to create XML with stylesheet 
> PI's in. In

This is not possible because my server side is a very tiny
web server running on an embedded system.  The server is barely
HTTP 1.x compliant and has no XML capabilities available.  The
pages are being generate by hand coded response objects that
generate XML compliant pages.


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