[xsl] 2 different stylesheets, applied sequentially, in IE?

Subject: [xsl] 2 different stylesheets, applied sequentially, in IE?
From: Edmund Mitchell <EMitchell@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 06:22:57 -0800
1. I have a Cold Fusion script that reads a stored procedure from an SQL 7.0
2. The Cold Fusion script generates the XML file.
3. The XML file has a reference to the XSLT file. When
I load the XML file into the browser, IE5.5 w/ MSXML3 applies the XSLT.  No

However, I need to apply a CSS stylesheet to the HTML generated as a result
of the first transformation, so that
when I call up the XML file in the browser, the transform runs, and then the
CSS is applied, and I see
the result of the CSS stylings on the generated HTML.
So what I need it to do is popup in the browser with the final product. The
XML + XSL (which it does
now) then that extra pass that applies the CSS to it.

Do I have any hope of making this happen?  I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in  advance,
Edmund M

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