RE: [xsl] XML data to MS-Excel??

Subject: RE: [xsl] XML data to MS-Excel??
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Subject: RE: [xsl] XML data to MS-Excel??
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Check page 231 of XML Developer's handbook.
That's not hard task to accomplish.


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You wrote ---

 Hello friends,
 I want to convert my xml data to Ms-Excel can some one
 suggest me how to
 Thanks in advance.

 In addition to the other suggestions posted, you can also
 accomplish the
 conversion with a tool.  iMaker for Excel from Infoteria will
 convert your
 XML to Excel or export Excel to XML.  Single user license is
 $150.  30 day
 trial version is available from  Hope this helps.

 Jeff Todd
 (+1) 978 922-4029 x137

 900 Cummings Center
 Suite 403T
 Beverly, MA  01915
 Infoteria Corporation
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 applications and their data.
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