Re: [xsl] Detecting presence of attributes

Subject: Re: [xsl] Detecting presence of attributes
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 23:13:11 GMT
(a) the attribute foo was specified but the value was the null string 
"", or
(b) the attribute foo was not specified at all.


If you just want to test (b) use test="@foo"

> xt does not appear to honor either.
does so.

>  Is this a bug in xt, or have 
> I missed some additional piece of syntax.
hard to say. Are you sure the attribute isn't being defaulted by the

> A second problem arises with the position() function. In xt this appears
> only to work within an <xsl:for-each> loop, not in a node group
"node group" isn't a defined concept, (see the long thread on node sets
over the last week:-)

> instantiated by a match or select.
matchs don't select node set's so I don't know what you mean by that,
but position() works whenever there is a current node list, so



<xsl:template match="xxx">
<xsl:if test="position()=3">

or various other constructs.


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