[xsl] ANN: Xalan-Java 2.0 is available

Subject: [xsl] ANN: Xalan-Java 2.0 is available
From: David_Marston@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 10:15:51 -0500
The Xalan team of the Apache XML Project proudly announces the debut of
Xalan-Java Version 2.0. This new edition of the highly reliable XSLT
processor implements the transformation part of the Java API for XML
Processing version 1.1 (final draft), enabling API-level users to code
XML applications without reference to the internal details of a particular
processor or XML parser. In addition, the API is more understandable,
encouraging more participation in the open-source development of Xalan.

The internals of Xalan have been redesigned for greater clarity, while the
processor behavior has been brought into closer conformance with the XSLT
and XPath Recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium. The new design
lends itself to the production of transformation output while the input is
still being parsed. Xalan-Java 2.0 incorporates the SAX parsing event
model in its support for incremental production of output.

The new API, otherwise known as TrAX (Transformation API for XML),
provides a stable framework for plugging transformers (Xalan-Java 2 and
others) and XML Parsers into applications that manipulate XML. In November
2000, TrAX was incorporated into Java Specification Request 63, now in the
public review stage.

Xalan-Java 2 has been tested by beta users around the world, and has also
passed thousands of abstract tests applied by IBM Research staffers who
work full-time on evaluation and enhancement of XSLT processors. It is
ready to replace Xalan-Java 1.2 in all applications. In addition to
implementing the XSLT specification, Xalan-Java 2 includes extension
functions for SQL access to databases via JDBC, redirection of output,
conversion of result-tree fragments to node-sets, set operations on
node-sets, tokenizing strings, and more. "We now have a full-powered way
to transform XML data, a key technology in our quest to bring the Web into
its next generation," said Alex Morrow, the IBM Fellow overseeing
participation by IBM Research. The robust implementation of the specs and
the convenience of the extension functions is due in no small part to the
collaborative style of development provided through the Apache Software

Xalan-Java 2 available now for free download from the Apache website:
The download will include documentation, usage samples, and source code.
(Download right from the above page. Scroll down to see the links.)
.................David Marston

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