Re: [xsl] Table breaks AND multi-level sorting (and confusion)

Subject: Re: [xsl] Table breaks AND multi-level sorting (and confusion)
From: Rob Wygand <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:01:03 -0800
Sorry about the sample, it was late and I just plain lost track of what I was doing...

I guess I will need to use an extension function, as I do not have the luxury of using two stylesheets. I'm using Xalan, which has such a function, but the documentation on it is very, very weak which is why I have been avoiding it thus far.

Thanks for your assistance.

Michael Kay wrote:

This definitely calls for a two-pass transformation: first sort, then
arrange into columns. Either use the node-set() extension function to turn
the output of the first pass into the input of the second, or use two
separate stylesheets.

Incidentally, it's very confusing to be told that you want the output five
columns wide and then be given sample output that is two columns wide.
Perhaps that's why you chose the subject heading you did.

Mike Kay

Given the following XML:

   <item type="a" name="abc"/>
   <item type="b" name="yyy"/>
   <item type="a" name="xyz"/>
   <item type="a" name="cde"/>
   <item type="b" name="aaa"/>

I need to generate to generate a table in HTML that is 5
columns wide, sorted fiorst by type and second by name such as this:


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