RE: [xsl] immediately preceding:: / following::

Subject: RE: [xsl] immediately preceding:: / following::
From: "Keith" <keith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 11:05:24 -0600
Hi Matt,
I was having the same problem when working on a fee structure table that had
infinite combination possibilities,
I was able to work it out with the following use of preceding::, but used
inside the xsl:for-each  instead of the xsl:if .  I'm not sure where NodeID
falls in-line with your document, so I put the code I used here also.  These
were all Elements (not attributes) so it was relatively easy to xpath...
	<xsl:sort select="." order="ascending" data-type="number" />

<xsl:for-each select="NodeID[not(.=preceding::NodeID)]">
<xsl:sort select="." order="ascending" data-type="number" />

Keith Brooks
Software Developer
Global eTelecom

I have my <NodeID> elements already sorted.
I am testing whether or not there are duplicate NodeIDs.
If there are, I need to only include one of them.
I am using the following lines:
     <xsl:if test = "NodeID[not(.=preceding::NodeID)]">

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