[xsl] [ANN] libxslt-0.1.0 first beta is released

Subject: [xsl] [ANN] libxslt-0.1.0 first beta is released
From: Daniel Veillard <Daniel.Veillard@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 09:42:30 +0100
 Okay adding one more unfinished XSLT processor to the list
may sound like a bad idea. Point is that I will try to fix
all reported bugs in a timely fashion. This is also very likely
to be included in most Linux distributions within 6 months as
part of the Gnome enviroment. It should also compile and work
without troubles in most C enviroment, (with the notable exception
of AS/400 where the compiler represent char/strings in EBCDIC and
not ASCII) ...
  Licencing is LGPL or W3C IPR like, i.e. reusable without problem
even in commercial products.

Libxslt is a C library, based on libxml-2.3.0, both are available
  Those are available at:
    in the stable tree of gnome.org for libxml2
    and unstable tree for libxslt
  Libxslt-0.1.0 is the first beta release, it should cover
most features from the XSLT-1.0 spec but it's clearly not
complete yet. Check the FEATURES file to get a precise idea.

  I have put an initial web page at

  The embedded xmlproc test program allow to run non-trivial
transformations anyway.
  Usage is
    xsltproc [-v] [--debug] file.xsl file.xml

  The main parts missing are:
    - Extensions support
    - Embedding Stylesheets
    - Some part of xsl:number
    - xsl:apply-imports
    - document() and key() are incomplete

  A quick grep on FEATURES indicates 146 YES and 19 NO.
Bjorn Reese provided numbers and formatting functions. We are getting
closer from feature completion at a quick rate.

  Libxslt may work for most use right now, but it is clear that its
not well tested and it's aboslutely certain that some obvious bugs will
be found as there is more testing and real use. Please use the 
xml@xxxxxxxxxxx list to report bugs or the Gnome Bug tracking database
specifying the libxslt module:

 It is probable that libxml and libxslt will have different releases
schedule in the future. I expect to ship a new libxslt version approximately
every weeks in the next month,


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