[xsl] Including a JSP file in an XSL

Subject: [xsl] Including a JSP file in an XSL
From: "Lyndall Scantlebury" <slyndall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 10:08:48 +1000
Hey everyone,

I'm trying to do pagination for printing HTML using XML/XSL transformations... A header and footer is required for each page. Using the <xsl:for-each > command, I have been able to get the header/footer thing happening, but as I have several pages, which all require the same header and footer, instead of copying the header/footer into each XSL, I would like to be able to reference separate jsp files. The header and footer are made up of html tables with text and images.

I have tried using
<%@ include file="header.jsp" %>
(which is rejected by the processor) and replacing the % with the relevant representation doesn't help either (not that I really expected it to!)
I have also tried:
<jsp:include page="print_header.jsp" flush="true"/>, but since I didn't know which (if any) namespace would resolve the <jsp:include > tag, this didn't work either.

If anyone has any tips for this, I'd really love to hear from you.

Thanks heaps in advance,
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