[xsl] A template selection for a choice of how a site is displayed?

Subject: [xsl] A template selection for a choice of how a site is displayed?
From: "Kevin Duffey" <kevin.duffey@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 08:44:32 -0800

Thanks to those that responded to my previous question about how to use a
header, content and footer on a page. Now I am wondering something else,
which it seems to me should be possible using XSL. I am thinking that using
an XSL template that sets up the initial "layout" of a site, then "calls"
various templates for the contents of each area. For example, normally our
site has a header at the top with a menu bar (graphical) of links, a text
link footer at the bottom, and contents in the middle. Some clients may like
a solid text menu at the bottom, and nothing at the top. Some others may
like a menu bar of links on the left (graphical) with no footer on the right
main pane which is for solid content. So the question is, how would I go
about actually creating various "template" XSL pages that could then be
filled with content? I am not objecting to using frames to do this either,
however as I am finding out its a nightmare using two or more frames,
because if one needs to be updated AND update another frame, your pretty
much forced to use javascript to get the job done. I have an idea (thanks to
those you replied earlier) how this might be done, but I am interested in
knowing how some of you have done it. I assume some how the exo-XSL has to
be chosen, and it includes the "contents" (and what ever else) and calls
those templates.

Another thought on this is to allow clients to add/remove portions of a
site, like how yahoo, excite and others do it. Then, build the XSL template
and store it in their profile, so that each time they come to the site, it
uses that XSL to display the site.

Thanks again.

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