[xsl] Re: empty element sabotages xsl:key

Subject: [xsl] Re: empty element sabotages xsl:key
From: "Nick Ridout" <costempd@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 11:48:33 -0500
Thanks Dimitre.  Guess it must be a Xerces problem :-(.

I just tried ASCII XML Tree Viewer 1.0 (Written by Jeni Tennison and Mike
J. Brown).  When I uncommented xsl:strip-space elements="*" I got a
mixed-up tree (one missing element with it's child "adopted" by the
previous parent).  Their XSL doesn't use keys so apparently the problem
isn't just with keys.  My sample XSL didn't have xsl:strip-space so I can't
pin the problem on that either.  When I remove the element with the null
attribute, the Tree Viewer works correctly with or without xsl:strip-space.


Dimitre Novatchev wrote:
>Hi Nick,
>I ran your example with MSXML3 -- no problems at all.
>With Saxon 5.4 (which uses Xerces)no output was produced.
>I know 5.4 is rather old version, but this is what I have.

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