[xsl] Optimal configuration of the XSLT processor

Subject: [xsl] Optimal configuration of the XSLT processor
From: "Shakeel Mahate" <shakeelmahate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 17:07:24 -0700
I need suggestions on optimal configuration of the XSLT processor for
my Java servlet web application.

My transformation consists of the following components:

   One stylesheet for the complete application

   Users will write a configuration file in XML. It contains the XML
tags representing the various HTML controls.  The XML tags will have
the corresponding templates in the generic.xsl stylesheet

   Container will represent the data which will be populated in the
HTML forms.  In reality this is not a document, rather an in-memory DOM

   This XML document represents the labels specific to a locale.

Now I have three inputs, one stylesheet.  Not all the inputs are files.

My question is, how should I configure my Xalan 2.0.0 or Saxon XSLT in
my servlet.

I know I can precompile my static stylesheet, since it is static.

Which of the others can I make a source and which of them can be

Can in-memory DOM object become a parameter?

Should DOM "container.xml" be a source?

I will have one instance of the XSLT processor which I will clone everytime
I have to transform the input, rather than create an instance for every
request.  This is a requirement since it XSLT processor are single threaded

Can you critic my architecture, provide suggestions.

-Shakeel Mahate

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