RE: [xsl] syntax sugar for call-template

Subject: RE: [xsl] syntax sugar for call-template
From: "Michael Kay" <mhkay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:46:15 -0000
>   <xf:func arg="val" />   is-equivalent-to   <call-template
> name="func">
>                                                <with-param name="arg"
>                                                  select="val" />
>                                             </call-template>

In the past I've considered doing this in Saxon. But I'm undecided whether
the attribute value should be an AVT (therefore always yielding a string) or
an XPath expression (in which case any value can be passed, but strings need
to be written in double-nested quotes, e.g. arg="'London'"). Any views?

(Though actually, I've also held off because I'm reluctant to implement
non-portable extensions if they provide nothing more than a saving in
keystrokes ...)

Mike Kay

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