RE: [xsl] List-style-type

Subject: RE: [xsl] List-style-type
From: "Michael Fitzgerald" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:57:09 -0800
What you may be looking for is fo:list-item-label, in section 6.8.5 of the

"The fo:list-item-label formatting object contains the content of the label
of a list-item, typically used to either enumerate, identify, or adorn the
list-item's body."


Whether or not the REC (or its implementations) will "adorn" lists with
discs, squares, circles, etc. remains to be seen. I think this is the
formatting OBJECT you are looking for, but whether there is a formatting
PROPERTY that would apply what you are looking for...ay, there's the rub.

Hope someone else can do better for you!


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Subject: [xsl] List-style-type

Hi folks:

I have a quick question if I may.

In CSS you may set values to the "list-style-type" attribute (such as disc,
circle, etc).

I am trying to set up list in XSL FO and I want to use items like, circle,
discs and other
in my list.  Is that possible at all?

what I am trying to do is something like the following PSEUDO and incredibly
invalid XSL code

    <fo:list-block style-type-equivalent-in-FO = "disc">
      <fo:list-item or-maybe-here-I can-set-this-equal-to="disc">

Any ideas, suggestions?

Carmelo Montanez

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