[xsl] Rick Jelliffe's comment on XPath 2.0

Subject: [xsl] Rick Jelliffe's comment on XPath 2.0
From: Miloslav Nic <nicmila@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 07:47:35 +0100
This Saturday a very interesting mail by Rick Jellife 
concerning XPath 2.0 appeared at xml-dev :



But the killer is #5 "Should Add Support for XML Schema: Structures."
That is the point where it requires a PSVI.

What to do?  I suggest people lobby very hard that XPath 1.1 should be
first improved with all the XPath 2 features (including casting of
datatypes and regular expression) that do not require the PSVI *before*
XPath 2 is released, and that XSLT 1.2 be upgraded to support these too.

*PSVI ...  Post-Schema-Validation Infoset

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