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Subject: Re: [xsl] news
From: "Michael Beddow" <mbnospam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:46:46 -0000
On Monday, February 19, 2001 4:38 PM
David Carlisle wrote:

> > But if you're writing the stylesheet that's being
> > then you don't know what it's (going to be) imported/included
into.  I
> > think that's what Dylan's talking about.
> Well you're supposed to know everything, all the time, and never
> anything.

The difference between document production in off-line batch mode and
real-time transformation on the fly is also cropping up again here.
Operating in batch mode, you can ponder all your sheets and reflect on
what the includes do. But I often find (precisely because at the
moment the spec won't let us do conditional includes) that the xsl I'm
feeding to the processor is just a set of includes that has been
dynamically constructed milliseconds earlier to match the specific
request. And there it would sometimes be nice to be able to check at
run time what variables that particular mix had brought in.

Michael Beddow

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