[xsl] intersection revisited

Subject: [xsl] intersection revisited
From: "Gavin Bong" <gavinb@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 08:48:36 +0800
This is a message to Michael Kay. He once offered
an xpath expression to produce "intersection of nodesets" functionality
with this code extract:
<xsl:variable name="A" select="/dept/person[@dept_id = 1]" />
<xsl:variable name="B" select="/dept/person[smoker = 'yes']" />

<xsl:variable name="intersect" select="$A [count(.|$B) = count($B)]"/>
I tried this on MSXML3 final and Xalan and it did not
produce the expected intersection. Is there something wrong with the
xpath ? Michael? Anyone?



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