[xsl] thanks, also thoughts on xsl:script and xsl:function

Subject: [xsl] thanks, also thoughts on xsl:script and xsl:function
From: "Dave Gomboc" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 15:16:12 -0700
Various bits of good advice from (in alphabetical order by last name ;-)
David Carlisle, Peter Flynn, Mike Kay, and Jeni Tennison helped me to
eventually identify the problem:

    <!ENTITY % character_entities SYSTEM "character_entities.dtd">
    <!ENTITY events    SYSTEM "events.sgml">


It's easy to miss that closing square bracket!  **Argh!**

Re: <xsl:script>, I've done some more thinking about this, and have come
around to the view that having a common binding per language is better
than not having one.  I would prefer not to see other languages inlined
within XSLT source -- I take it that there must be a substantial user
base that needs to have everything packages in one file instead of (for
example) one per language?  Support for an <xsl:binding>, without inline
scripting, is about as far as I have swung so far.

Finally, wouldn't it be useful for <xsl:function> to return multiple
items?  (Though I guess it would have to be called <xsl:relation>
instead! :-)  Sure, it is possible to encapsulate multiple values into a
single one to get around this, just as it is in many other languages,
but why create the need to?


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