[xsl] Q on how create pick list

Subject: [xsl] Q on how create pick list
From: "Walter Torres" <walter@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:15:25 -0600
I have a small data set (see below) and I would like to create a browser
select object that contains an item for each of the NODEs in my data set
(see sample below)

Any pointers on how to accomplish this?




 <display id='num'>Num</display>
 <display id='date'>Time Stamp</display>
 <display id='curr_dest'>Agent</display>
 <display id='media'>display>Channel</display>
 <display id='reason'>Reason</display>
 <display id='comment'>Comments</display>


<select name='titles' id='titles'>
 <option value='num'>Num</option>
 <option value='date'>Time Stamp</option>
 <option value='curr_dest'>Agent</option>
 <option value='media'>Channel</option>
 <option value='reason'>Reason</option>
 <option value='comment'>Comments</option>


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