[xsl] Explorer Treeview with XSL

Subject: [xsl] Explorer Treeview with XSL
From: Chirag_Nangia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 15:37:36 -0800
Hi, I searched the list and this was covered a while ago but the sample
link no longer worked. Wondering if anybody has any ideas..
I am trying to create a Treeview using XSL/XML like this post suggested:
I am interested in trying to create an Explorer treeview
effect based on a constantly growing XML source.  By a
treeview, I mean that there would be a node, you click on
the node with a mouse and any data XML elements under that
node would be displayed.

It could be done in Java, it is slow but at least the
general populace have chance of using it.  Does XSL have
similar functionality?
The response was this:

Yes is does, in that you can quite happily produce dHTML from XML. If your
XML nicely expresses you tree well, all the better.

It's not a tree, but I produced collapsable menus from XML, which is just a
hop-skip-and-a-jump from a tree view. You can take a look this at...


What you have to keep in mind is that the functionality isn't that of XSL
as such but the dHTML that you are producing. All XSL is doing for you in
this instance is transforming the XML into dHTML.

Good luck

However, the above link doens't work anymore.. and I'm trying to create a
simple treeview using these technologies (such as the one at
msdn.microsoft.com) ... any ideas? any help appreciated! thanks!


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