Re: [xsl] position of parent

Subject: Re: [xsl] position of parent
From: Jeni Tennison <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:45:20 +0000
Hi Xavier,

> I've got an XML document with <chapter> elements containing
> <section> elements.  I'm currently writing an XSL that
> transforms such XML documents into XHTML.  I want my sheet
> to automatically number chapters and sections.  For this 
> purpose, i use the <xsl:value-of select="position()"/> in my
> template that match the "chapter" element.
> Now i'd like to have the section numbered as follow
> "ChapterNumber.SectionNumber"... so the question is how do
> I get the ChapterNumber when i'm processing a section element?
> In other words, I'd like to get the position() of the parent
> of a given node... 

This sounds like a perfect opportunity for xsl:number.  Try:

  <xsl:number level="multiple"
              count="chapter | section"
              format="1.1" />

If that's not what you're after, then you can always calculate the
position of an element relative to its siblings by counting how many
previous siblings there are and adding one:

  count(preceding-sibling::*) + 1

So you could do your numbering with:

  concat(count(../preceding-sibling::*) + 1, '.'
         count(preceding-sibling::*) + 1)

But I think you'll find xsl:number *a lot* easier.

I hope that helps,


Jeni Tennison

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