[xsl] FW: Retrieving values of variables.

Subject: [xsl] FW: Retrieving values of variables.
From: "Daniel Newman" <daniel.newman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 09:44:00 -0000
Hello all,

still trying to get round my looping problem, but have come up with a sort
of fix, using a procedure template, and passing it a parameter. If the
parameter is within a range, the template calls itself, hence forcing the
loop. But, within this template, I'm calling another template that actually
displays the data. This called template starts a loop through the data, and
I need this looped template to retrieve the value of the initial parameter.

If you have a look at the code
<<http://www.arbitrary.co.uk/whatt/xml/new.xsl>>, template "RunLoop" is
passed a value "CurrentCount", and checks if this value is <= 2 (limiting
the loop from 1 to 2). If it is, it calls "ESTIMATES", and this template
then calls "ESTIMATE" (terrible naming, but not my XML). "ESTIMATE" is the
loop of the records, but I need this template to retrieve either
"ESTIMATE[1]" or "ESTIMATE[2]", with the index being the current value of
"$CurrentCount". But as the templates are nested, can I retrieve the value,
or do I need to pass it down the tree?

Hope someone out there can help. It sounds all too easy, but can't figure it
out anywhere, and I've read an awful lot of stuff to find an answer!!!

Daniel Newman.

Actually, none of it works. I tried parsing this yesterday <<using
http://www.arbitrary.co.uk/whatt/xml/new.xml>> and absolutely nothing
displayed. I tried changing a few things, and got an exception error when I
tried to use the MSXMLDOM v3

If anyone can spot an fatal errors in the code, I'd be most grateful... As
it's driving me nuts!

Daniel Newman.
Bis-Web Ltd.
Tel: 01993 880614
Fax: 01993 881625

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