[xsl] Newbie xslfo with FOP questions

Subject: [xsl] Newbie xslfo with FOP questions
From: "Paul Bell" <pbell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:04:07 -0500
Hi All,

I am championing FOP at my company as the means by which one of our GUI
products can accomplish various print/reporting functions.

I have a few questions about table cell layout and other things:

1. is it true that the column-width attribute of fo:table-column does not
support percentages?  I get a 'no conversion defined' error from

2. I am not sure how best to handle the setting of column-width.  I tried
dividing columns into equal widths based on page width.  But if cell content
(at a given point size)
     exceeds this width, then the content spills over into the adjacent
cell.  Is there a way to 'look ahead' at the souce data to determine the
maximum width of the data for
     a particular column?

3. Suppose that a user can define her own custom reports.  The data for one
report might be a mere 4 columns, fitting easily across 8.5 inches.  Another
report might
      be 15 columns, all of which simply won't fit.  What is a good way of
handling this in FOP?

4. Is external-graphic broken?  I get error: [1Error while creating area :
Error while recovering Image Informations (file:/graphics/page.gif) :

5. Is there a restriction on placement of <fo:basic-link..>?  I tried
placing it, wrapped in <fo:block> in the xsl-region-before static content
flow and get an error.  The error message is
     the rather cryptic '-1 < 0'

Thanks in advance.



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