[xsl] using MSXML3 as XSLT for parsing and transforming !!

Subject: [xsl] using MSXML3 as XSLT for parsing and transforming !!
From: "Awasthi, Anand" <Anand_Awasthi@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:01:12 -0600

I ran a becnchmark test called XSLTMark on  following XSLT processors( i am
mentioning them in the decreasing order of
perofrmance )

Saxon 6.0.2
XT 19991105
Xalan 1.2

it seems that MSXML3 is much better than others ( infact it almost 1.5 times
faster than no. 2 Saxon 6.0.2).
I want to use MSXML3 for parsing and trasnforming my XML files. Now m
problem is that i want Java Objects to be created and their functional calls
to be exectued by MSXML processors. I believe for this i will have to wrap
my java calsses in COM objects and then call those objects from MSXML. I
want to know whether  I am thinking in
correct direction or not ?? I am sure many people would have  done it like
before ..could someone please refer
me few examples ( i dont know any thing about COM objects) ?? or is there
any other way to wrap java classes with in
some other non java modules and then i can call those module in MSXML
processor ??

Any helpe would be deeply appreciated.

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